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June 16, 2009

More car troubles…

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First JAM’s truck, now it is my car’s turn…  With the hot weather comes car trouble for me.  For the last 2 summers when my car has been out in the sun all day on a really hot day, it sometimes decides it does not want to start.  But this nasty trick does not happen every time, or even half the time on hot days.  Rather it occurs sporadically though out the summer (twice 2 years ago, and many 3 or4 times last year).  If I wait a while, bounce the car up and down a little, and do a rain dance it will generally magically start up again.  I did take it in last year to get looked at, and the mechanic could find nothing overtly wrong with it, and said that it was likely the fuel pump acting up.  So I decided to wait on it, and the car ran perfectly all winter long.  However, on the first really hot day we had last week, I got off the train, when to my car, and nothing… would not start again!

Well I have had enough, the car is heading to the shop tomorrow for a new fuel pump, which hopefully will solve this mysterious problem.  I swear, I am the only person who has a car that will start even on the coldest mornings, but won’t start when the sun is out….


May 19, 2009

Get your Starters ready

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Well it looks like the starter is gone on JAMs truck.  Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow, since he really needs his truck for work.  We will see how much damage this will do to our budget…  I love our machanic and know that he will charge what is fair for parts and labour, so here is hoping the bill won’t be to big!

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