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July 14, 2009

Big Week Ahead

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Well my internship is coming to a close… It went buy so quickly it is hard to believe I have been working for 10 weeks already.  At my midpoint evaluation (which went very well), I was asked if my job was something that I would like to “continue doing past July” which I said yes too.  I am learning a lot in my job, and enjoy my work environment very much.

So this week I am meeting with my boss to discuss “opportunities” which are available in the department.  I would likely stay in the same position, but *hopefully* get paid more.  I am not sure how negotiations work in this type of situation, or any other for that matter, as I have never negotiated a salary before.  I don’t think I am going to get a written offer, so I am not sure how it works.  Depending on what they offer I may not try to negotiate at all, but hopefully I will keep up my nerve and try to negotiate a little.  Any tips or hints for negotiations?  Have you had a situation where you needed to negotiate?


May 14, 2009

Busy busy busy

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It has been pretty busy around our house lately, so I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like…  I started my new job last week, which ment getting used to the commute to and from work again.  The first couple of days I could barely function when I got home because I was so tired.  Luckly that has improved, and I was even able to do some baking tonight afterwork.

JAM (my husband) has also started working at a new job site this week, and got a raise (well gave himself a raise, since he runs his own business)!!!  Now I hvae to sit down and go through all of our banking to make sure we are saving our extra income, not just spending it mindlessly.

Things on my to do list include:

1 – Open a TSFA – still need to decide where to open it, and what type of investment we are going to use

2 –  Find a new financial planner (that is a whole other post…)

3 – Look at our spending and decide how much more we can save for our emergency fund and retirement savings (and maybe the vacation fund!)

Hopefully I will be able to do most of these by the weekend, as I get my first paycheck tomorrow!

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