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July 28, 2009

Impressed with Swagbucks

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I have to say that I am pretty impressed with swagbucks!  It has just been a little over a month since I have signed up and I already have enough swagbucks to get at $5 gift card to amazon.ca.  This is just from the regular searching I do on a daily basis, normally I “win” within the first 2 or 3 searches.  If you are interested in starting to earn free rewards too you can sign up here.  Now the hard part is going to be deciding what to get from amazon, I already have my eye on a couple of new books.  Anyone else redeemed lately?


July 26, 2009

Airmiles Toolbar, earn more miles today!

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airmilesCollect Airmiles?  Have you installed the airmiles toolbar yet?  I installed this tool bar a few month ago, and have earn 90 airmiles so far!  Not too bad for someone who normally only gets airmiles from the LCBO.  You can earn 5 airmiles for every 50 searches you do, for a maximum of 30 airmiles per month, so for 300 searches you get you 30 reward miles.  This is a great way to earn some extra miles without spending a penny.

I have it installed and do searches while watching TV shows online.  I don’t find the results as good as swagbucks, but it is worth the time searching to get the miles.  An extra 360 airmiles is almost a $50 Keg gift certificate, or $40 in groceries, not bad for spending a little extra time doing some online searching.  Get you toolbar and start earning today.

(One note, if are doing online shopping and using referrals from other sites, such as redflagdeals, for cashback etc make sure it is compatible with the toolbar.  Or you may only end up getting airmiles for your purchase and not the other rewards)

July 15, 2009

Visa Perks…

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visaDo you have a visa card, I do and it gets a work out quite regularly.  Well having a visa has certain perks associated with it, and they are all outlined on the VisaPerks website.  It is a great site that is for Canadian shoppers (don’t worry, if you are going to the states there is a section for deals there too) that lists all of the great offers Visa has for when purchases are made with their card.

Shopping at Bluenotes, get a coupon for 15% off your purchase here

More of a Suzy Shier, there is also 15%off in store or on-line here

I have a ton of friends who are getting married and having babies, so the 20% off coupon for Carlton Cards will come in handy.

Head on over to VisaPerks to check it out and see what other great deals you can find!

June 15, 2009

So I gave SwagBucks a try….

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And I have to say I really really like it!  Swagbucksis a search engine a that you ca “search and win” with.  I have heard about Swagbucks on a couple of blogs, but was a little sceptical, I hate these sorts of things that give you all “sponsored” results that are not what you are looking for or send you a ton of spam.  Swagbucks is nothing like that!  It uses Google and Ask.com to do its searches, so the results are good quality, and it clearly shows which links are sponsored.  However, I have even found that the sponsored links are really helpful.

When you search using Swagbucks you have a chance, with every search, to win 1 or more Swagbucks.  You can collect these swagbucks to redeem for prizes or giftcards.  There are tons of gift cards to choose from, including Amazon.ca and itunes!  For example, a $5 Amazon gift card = 45 swagbucks.

I signed up5 days ago and have already earn 14 swagbucks from doing 3-4 searches a day.  There has not been a single day that I didn’t earn at least 1 swagbuck.   I have been using Firefox as my browser and added the swagbucks search bar, making it even easier to earn SB.

If you have been thinking about trying swagbucks you can sign up here.  It is an easy way to earn rewards for searching you already do.   Now I have to start thinking about what my next purchase from Amazon will be…..

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