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June 30, 2009

BrandSampler is BAAACK!

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BrandSampler is back from P&G.  If you register as a female you can get access to up to 8 samples from great brands such as Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Always, Tampax and more.  Be sure to check it out soon, as the samples run out fast!  Go here to register today  http://www.pgbrandsampler.ca/en_CA/


June 26, 2009

So what are your plans for Canada Day?

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mandarin1Feel like going to the Mandarin for a free meal?  All of the Mandarians 21 Southern Ontario Locations will be giving out free buffet meals on Canada Day from 12-8:30 on a first come first serve basis!  Included in that are pop, tea and coffee (sorry you will have to pay extra for booze!).  The only catch is you must be a Canadian resident, so remember to bring proof of citizenship, a passport or birth certificate will do.  I am sure it will be crazy busy, but if you have some time and want a free meal it might be fun!

June 25, 2009

Looking for a cool treat on a hot day?

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laura-secord-coupon2You are invited to enjoy a FREE extra scoop of ice cream on your next single scoop ice cream cone. Simply print this coupon and redeem it at your closest Laura Secord store.

Go Here to print your coupon, and get some free ice cream to help cool you off on a hot day!  This offer expires July 31, 2009

June 22, 2009

Deal Alert – Nestea

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NesteaI love deals like this!  Nestea is running a promotion when you buy specially marked packs of the Nestea cans (4x), cartons (8x), pop bottles (12x), juice boxes (10x) or glass bottles you get a $25 pre paid master card!  Not a bad deal at regular price, but you can find sales on all of these products so they end up being a money maker!

This weekend Shoppers Drug Mart had cases of Nestea on (12 cans) for 2 for $7.  Shoppers didn’t have many of the specially marked cases, so I price matched at Zellers (and got HBC rewards points as well).  So for $14 plus a stamp I will get $25 back!!!!  Getting paid to shop is awesome, especially for a product that we already buy.  You can repeat this offer 3 times.  For more details check out:  www.refreshandredeem.ca

June 16, 2009

More car troubles…

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First JAM’s truck, now it is my car’s turn…  With the hot weather comes car trouble for me.  For the last 2 summers when my car has been out in the sun all day on a really hot day, it sometimes decides it does not want to start.  But this nasty trick does not happen every time, or even half the time on hot days.  Rather it occurs sporadically though out the summer (twice 2 years ago, and many 3 or4 times last year).  If I wait a while, bounce the car up and down a little, and do a rain dance it will generally magically start up again.  I did take it in last year to get looked at, and the mechanic could find nothing overtly wrong with it, and said that it was likely the fuel pump acting up.  So I decided to wait on it, and the car ran perfectly all winter long.  However, on the first really hot day we had last week, I got off the train, when to my car, and nothing… would not start again!

Well I have had enough, the car is heading to the shop tomorrow for a new fuel pump, which hopefully will solve this mysterious problem.  I swear, I am the only person who has a car that will start even on the coldest mornings, but won’t start when the sun is out….

June 15, 2009

So I gave SwagBucks a try….

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And I have to say I really really like it!  Swagbucksis a search engine a that you ca “search and win” with.  I have heard about Swagbucks on a couple of blogs, but was a little sceptical, I hate these sorts of things that give you all “sponsored” results that are not what you are looking for or send you a ton of spam.  Swagbucks is nothing like that!  It uses Google and Ask.com to do its searches, so the results are good quality, and it clearly shows which links are sponsored.  However, I have even found that the sponsored links are really helpful.

When you search using Swagbucks you have a chance, with every search, to win 1 or more Swagbucks.  You can collect these swagbucks to redeem for prizes or giftcards.  There are tons of gift cards to choose from, including Amazon.ca and itunes!  For example, a $5 Amazon gift card = 45 swagbucks.

I signed up5 days ago and have already earn 14 swagbucks from doing 3-4 searches a day.  There has not been a single day that I didn’t earn at least 1 swagbuck.   I have been using Firefox as my browser and added the swagbucks search bar, making it even easier to earn SB.

If you have been thinking about trying swagbucks you can sign up here.  It is an easy way to earn rewards for searching you already do.   Now I have to start thinking about what my next purchase from Amazon will be…..

June 9, 2009

And then life got busy… really busy

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Ahhhhhhh  between work and other commitments I haven’t had a day to myself in weeks!  Hopefully things will be calming down this week.

I am the Maid of Honour for my girlfriend, and the Buck & Doe was last weekend.  I played a big part in the planning process, so that was taking up a ton of my time.  Keep an eye out for my future post…. the cost of being in a wedding….

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